~~~ Bush Medicine in The Bahamas - A Modern Approach ~~~


• 1 • Introduction
• 2 • Preface (Acknowledgments, about the author, curriculum vitae)
• 3 • Some History of The Bahamas (natural history and geology, most important characteristics of the Out Islands in General, Long Island, Some History about Bush Medicine. Momentary Status of Bush Medicine).
• 4 • The Vegetation of The Bahamas. (Main types of vegetation).
• 5 • The Use of Plants for Bush Medicine (remarks, warning, used plants and collection hints, plant products and  dosages, common methods of preparing Bahamian Bush Medicine, diseases and symptoms treated by Bahamian (Caribbean) Bush medicines. Can Bush Medicine have a future?)
• 6 • Main chapter with 150 photos and drawings about 70 important plants described in the following structure:
    -   Synonyms and local Names
    -   Remarks, History and Legends
    -   Habitats, Description, Cultivation
    -   Used Parts, Solvents, Preparation, Dosage
    -   Contents and effects
    -   Indications as to diseases
    -   Toxicology, Side effects, Contra indications
• 7 • Toxic or Prickly Plants (“Good” and “Bad” Plants, The main Symptoms and Signs for an Intoxication. Possibly Toxic or Prickly. Circumstances that can make a Plant harmful. Basic First Aid in case of Allergy, Irritation or Intoxication).
• 8 • Indications and Remedies (ABC list about these 70 plants with hints for use).
• 9 • Pests and Problems (Remarks, most important problems and pests to consider, signs and symptoms, a hint at the end).
• 10 • Bibliography, References (Books, articles, abstracts, interviews, institutions, addresses, different internet  references and home pages).
• 11 • Terminology, Glossary, ABC (Some important terms, terminology and expressions. This more detailed glossary is a selection of more difficult botanical, medicinal and other terms and some Phytochemicals. It includes general information about Voodoo (Vodou), Obeah, the Mayas and Aztecs trying to leave out prejudice).
• 12 • Plant Index (Latin Names, common English names, other names).
• 13 • Back cover (Dear reader …).


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