~~~ Bush Medicine in The Bahamas - A Modern Approach ~~~

Why this book?
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• As a medical doctor in Germany with a private practice I am specialized in holistic medicine. Besides “school medicine” this includes naturopathic therapies like nutrition, sports therapy, structural therapy and of course herbal medicine. Since about 30 years my hobby is to collect knowledge about “bush medicine” in the Bahamas based on interviews, literature, internet research and some field study.
• Twice a year I am in Long Island, Bahamas, to interview people, make photos and illustrations. Now this “ripened” to become a book with 70 plants I want to publish as first edition.
• Please look at the more detailed curriculum vitae, which you also find in the internet including my doctors survey under the name Wilmanowicz.


• Research based book about bush medicine in the Bahamas, use of plants, detailed description etc.
• The structure helps to find information of 70 important plants easily, but it is also paid attention to certain Bahamian subjects, some history, the island etc.
• Though scholarly it is readable for a broad public. A more scientific version is “under construction”.


Previously published:

• Dissertation about “The Effect of St. John’s Wort on the Erythrocyte Elongation”, H.H. University Duesseldorf, in German language 
• In the past years I held several introductions or lectures in front of museums, our home university, Bahamas National Trust, Ministry of Agriculture, different interested people and scholars mainly in the Bahamas along with texts and different posters about plants and indications.
• As this book intends to be more serious and not just a simple touristy “cook-book”, it was difficult to find a publisher, though contents and pictures have been seen as good quality filling a gap in its field.

Book Details:

• Paperback: 232 pages 
• 150 colored photos with a few black & white drawings •
• Publisher: CreateSpace (June 30, 2011)
• ISBN-10: 1456503146
• ISBN-13: 978-1456503147

Who would like this book:

• Caribbean countries, with similar plants, like: Bahamas (British Commonwealth since 1973, with about 300 000 Inhabitants). Florida and tropical Americas.
• Medical physicians and doctors of naturopathy interested in this kind of herbal therapy.
• Pharmacologists and Botanists.
• Students of Botany or Ethnobotany, the COB (College of the Bahamas) and interested high school scholars may use it as a reference.
• Though a bit more scientific it is still interesting to read for Bahamians and whoever uses Bush Medicine in the Caribbean as remedies or cultivars.
• Information like some history, legends and remarks are provided by local Bahamians and make it suitable for people, who want to know more about the Bahamas.
• Libraries like “Logos” in Nassau, the book-store on the Bahamian internet page and the Bahamas National Trust are interested in selling the book as soon as it is published in final version.
• It would fit in shops of Botanical gardens.
• Museums may exhibit or sell it to tourists, as many Americans and some Germans are interested in such kind of literature.
• Many Bahamian hotels sell books in their boutiques.
• This „short“ version is more a „popular scientific“ book, but structured and helpful for those, who want information beyond simple lay literature.

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